So Many Issues

We hired Allied to move us from Washington State to Arkansas and signed our contract 02/08/2021. Erin Cothron at Coleman Allied in Spokane, WA called me as the point of contact and we made arrangements through her for dates, times, etc…

The movers came to pick up our property on 03/12/2021 and it was supposed to be delivered to us between 03/18-03/24/2021. We also paid upfront via credit card for the move because we did not have a way to get a Cashiers Check or have a Wire ready for when they delivered our property since we didn’t have a bank in Arkansas yet, we arrived in Arkansas 03/16/2021.

The guys that picked up our stuff told us to call in a few days to get the status of our property and a more accurate date of delivery so we made our first call to Erin on 03/16/2021 and were told it was sitting in the Allied warehouse waiting to be picked up. We called again every day after to find out if it had been picked up and when it would be delivered and were told they didn’t have a driver to bring our stuff to us.

By 03/22/2021 we called Allied corporate customer service and talked to a rep who informed us Coleman Allied never had a driver available, even back in Feb when we signed our contract. We started calling Erin again who told us they did originally have a driver back in Feb, but then he was unavailable by March but they still went ahead and picked our property up anyway. By 03/24/2021, the latest date it was scheduled to be delivered, it was still sitting in the Allied warehouse in Spokane, WA, but now they were going to ship it freight, it would be driven non-stop to it’s destination in Broken Arrow, OK and then brought to us.

Finally on 03/26/2021 our property was picked up freight by Saia and I was given a tracking # for that. Erin once again lied to us about this being driven non-stop to it’s final destination, but actually stopped multiple times finally arriving in Broken Arrow, OK 03/31/2021 and eventually delivered to us in Arkansas 04/06/2021.

As the guys were unloading all of our property, I noticed quite a bit of damage done equaling over an estimated $2000 and requiring several items to need to be replaced since they are now unusable. I filed my delayed delivery claim on 04/06/2021 and my damage claim 04/08/2021 and am currently still waiting for a resolution to these, that can take up to 30 days, but we anticipate longer, if al all, based on our above experience now.

We did file BBB complaints with both Allied and Coleman Allied and have received no response from either company. The company has made no effort to reach out to us on all of these issues and have taken no responsibility, especially Coleman Allied in Spokane. They never even acknowledged this was their mess up/mistake.